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General Information

      On the Faculty of Electronics you can get two specialities: Automation and Electronics. All students of the Electronics Faculty during the first two years of the Bachelor`s Degree program are studying fundamental sciences and humanities according to the study programs of their speciality. After two years of successful studies the students are offered to chose a specialization. Studies for Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degrees and Diploma Engineer Certificate in Electronic Engineering.


      The graduates from Automation speciality are prepared for design, exploitation, fabrication and adjustment of various automated systems. Fundamental development on university level gives anybody a chance to adapt himself in various branches of energetics and power engineering, transport engineering, civil engineering, communication engineering.
      The first and second years students of Automation speciality besides the fundamental studies have such basic subjects of electrical engineering as Fundamentals of Electronics, Fundamentals of Automatic Control, Devices of Automatics. All the third year students and undergraduates from Automation speciality study Control of Electric Appliances, Microprocessors and Transformers, Automatics and Telemechanics, Electric Power Supply and Distribution.
      Other subjects of studies depend on the selected specialization. The students may choose one of these specializations: AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS, ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IN AVIATION.
      The students of AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS specialization study Modelling of Automatic Systems, Microprocessors Devices and Systems, Automation of Technological Processes and Manufacturing, Automated Design of Systems.
      Those who selected specialization of ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IN AVIATION will be employed in aerodromes to exploit the electrical equipment of airfields and aeroplanes. They study the main subjects of automatics: Transformers, Control Devices and Systems in Aviation; the Sets of Pilotage and Navigation; Light Engineering.
      The graduates from the Automatic speciality get a Bachelor`s Degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Sciences and may continue their education for Diploma Engineer`s or Master`s Degree studies.


      The world has been transformed by achievement in telecommunications and data handling, based upon microelectronics, information technology and modern instrumentation. Electronic systems and devices are widely applied everywhere: in factories and plants, in communication, in transport, in information and control systems, in medicine, in banking, in commerce, and in family life.That is the reason why the field of Electrical Engineering offers some of the most significant challenges in engineering today. The range of opportunities for an exiting and satisfying career in Electronic Engineering is great and is increasing rapidly.
      Electrical Engineers are employed in research, development, production and management in such areas as:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Computers
  • Software Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Control
  • Aviation Electronics
  • Broadcasting and Television
  • Environmental Control and Monitoring
  • Health Care
      The first and the second year students of Radioelectronics speciality study the fundamental subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Computer Graphics, Information Technology. The basic subjects of speciality are Fundamentals of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Signals and Circuits, Digital and Analog Circuits, Fundamentals of Electrodynamics. All the third year students and undergraduates of Radioelectronics speciality study Digital Signal Processing, Integrated Circuits Design and Technology, Microprocessors, Microwave Technology, Communication Theory Fundamental, Architecture of Computers, Computer Periphery and Systems, Electronic Equipment (EE) Design and Manufacturing, Computer Aided Design of EE. Other subjects of studies depend on the chosen specialization. The students may choose one of these specializations ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION, COMPUTERIZED ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, ELECTRONICS IN AVIATION, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT and COMPUTER HARDWARE.
      After four years of studies the graduates from Electronic speciality get a Bachelor`s degree of Electronic Engineering Sciences and may continue their education for Diploma Engineer`s or Master`s degree studies.
      The lectures of specialization are delivered by scientists from Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, and Institute of Physics.

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