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Sis puslapis lietuviu kalba

Signals and their Processing - 5 kr. (48L, 16T, 136S).
Elements of theory of signals. Signals with limit spectrum. Discrete signals and processing. Digital signals. Fast Fourier transform. Linear optimal filtering. Kepstral analysis.
R. Martavičius

Physical and Functional Electronics - 5 kr. (48L,16T,136S).
Microwave vacuum devices ( klystrons, magnetrons, travelling-wave tubes, other devices). Microwave semiconductor devices (Gunn-effect diodes, tunnel diodes, avalanche transit-time devices, transistors, field-effect transistors, other types of microwave transistors). Fundamentals of optical electronics. Fundamentals of acoustic electronics.
Before: ELREB3001, ELREB4001, ELREB5004.
S. Štaras

Statistical Radio Engineering - 4 kr. (48L, 16T, 96S).
Random quantities. Random processes and fields. Correlation and covariance functions. Random Gauss processes. White Gauss noises. Random Markov processes. Discrete and continous Markov processes. Problems of mathematical statistics. Optimal signal receivers.

Analysis and Synthesis of Digital circuits - 4 kr. (32L, 32Lab, 96S).
Various minimization techniques of multivariable logic functions. The synthesis of circuits of positive and negative combinational logic using MSI and programmable devices. Analysis of circuits of combinational logic. Synthesis of circuits of synchronous sequential logic, obtaining MSI and programmable devices. Asynchronous sequential logic circuit design. Analysis of circuits of sequential logic.
Before: ELREB5001, ELREB6001.
R. Kirvaitis

Study Material
Signals Processing in Communication Systems - 5 (1) kr. (48L, 16T, 136S).
Telecommunication systems: functions and algorithms. Signals. Digitalisation. Data compression. Coding. Optimisation theory. Teletrafic. Strategies of service. Control and maintenance functions. Hardware and software.
Before: ELREB5003, ELREB8001.
A. Kajackas

Microwave Devices - 5 (1) kr. (48L, 16T, 136S).
Microvave multi-poles and their broad frequency adjustement methods, tuning circuits, reactive components, attenuators, loads, filters, phase transformers, ferrite microwave devices, optical band devices.
Before: ELREB5004.
Z. Vainoris

Analysis and Synthesis of Radio Engineering Systems - 4 kr. (48L, 16T, 96S).
Introduction to the theory of systems. Analysis of radioengineering systems. Random processes in linear systems. Optimal and quasioptimal linear filters. Analysis of random processes in nonlinear systems. Fundamentals of filters. Identification of signals and systems. Introduction to system synthesis.
Before:ELREB4002, ELREB6003, ELREB7001, ELREM2001, ELREM2002, ELREM2003.
R. Pocius

Automation of Measurements - 4 kr. (32L, 32Lab, 96S).
The systems of measurements. Structure of the systems. Sensors. Main methods of conversion of signals. IBM PC universal data transfer bus. Connection methods of nonstandard devices to IBM PC. CAMAC interface system. Mathematical methods of data processing. Virtual instruments. Virtual instrumentation tools.
Before: ELREB7002, ELREB7003.
A. Gurskas

Modern Communication Systems - 4 (1) kr. (48L, 16T, 96S).
Digital transmission : modems, PDH, SDH systems. Switching systems. Channel switching. Quality of service. Strategy of service. Pockets switching. Intelligent networks. Mobile (NMT and GSM) networks.
Before: ELREB8001, ELREM2003.
A. Kajackas

Computer networks - 4 (1) kr. (32L, 32Lab, 96S).
Introduction to computer networks. Protocols used in LANs. Bridges, routers and bridges-routers. Wireless LAN technology. Gateways. Protocols used in WAN. ISDN network. ATM standard. Problems of remote connections of subdivisions to the LAN. Management of the computer networks. Problems of the systems integration in the computer networks.
Before: ELREB7003, ELREB8001.
A. Gurskas

Operating Systems - 3 kr. (32L, 16Lab, 72S).
Introduction to operating systems. Operating systems classification. Structures and interfaces of operating systems. The common appointment, the special appointment, network, multiusers and distributed operating systems. Configuration and supervision of operating systems. Directions of operating systems development.
Before: ELREB7003, ELREB6001, ELREB5001.
A. Gurskas

Design of Elektrodynamic Devices - 4 (1) kr. (48L, 16T, 96S).
Fundamentals of electrodynamic devices simulation. Models of transmission lines and their elements. Models of helical and meander slow-wave structures. Calculations of parameters and characteristics of signal tracts in the frequency and time domains. Software for design of electrodynamic devices.
Before: ELRE5004, ELREM2004.
S. Štaras


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