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Electrical Engineering 1 - 4,5 cr. (48L, 32Lab, 32T, 68S).
Electric fields. The main concepts of electric circuits. Linear direct current circuits. Basic laws. Single phase alternating current circuits. Calculation of complex circuits with mutual inductance. Three phase circuits. Method of symmetric components.
Before: FMMMB2005, FMFIB2001.
Č. Teišerkas

Electrical Engineering 2 - 4 cr. (48L, 16Lab, 32T, 64S).
Recurrent nonsinusoidal alternating current circuits. Computation of transient processes in linear electric circuits. Classical method. Laplace transform method. Nonlinear alternating current circuits. Networks. Distributed parameters circuits.
Before: FMMMB3006, ELAUB3001.
Č. Teišerkas

Language of the Science Branch - 1,5 cr. (12L, 12T, 36S).
Before: VVKAB7001.

Fundamentals of Electronics 1 - 3 cr. (48L, 16T, 56S).
Introduction. Properties of microparticle. Structure and band theory of solids. Electrons in metals and semiconductors. Carier concentration in semiconductors. Conductivity of solids. Graded semiconductors, pn junctions. MS and MOS structures. More information
Before: FMFIB1001, FMCHB1001, FMMMB1004, FMMMB2005.
S. Štaras

Fundamentals of Electronics 2 - 3,5 cr. (48L, 16Lab, 76S).
Semiconductor diodes. Transistors. Field effect transistors. PNPN devices. Optoelectronic devices. Semiconductor device fabrication. Integrated circuits. Acoustic wave devices. Display devices.
More information
Before: ELREB3001.
S. Štaras

Signals and Circuits 1 - 4,5 cr. (64L, 16Lab, 32T, 68S).
The main frequency characteristics of two-pole and quadripole and common circuits. Resonant processes in the circuits. Filters. Lossless transmission lines and lines with losses. Determinated radio and video signals.
Before: ELAUB3001.
R. Martavičius, J. Skardžius

Course notes and laboratory works


Digital Circuits - 4 cr. (64L, 32Lab, 64S).
Number systems and codes. Digital logic functions. The algebra of logic. Logic gates. Combinational logic design, obtaining small scale integration, middle scale integration, and programmable devices. Combinational and sequential logic circuits. Basic bistable memory devices. Additional bistable memory devices. Synchronous sequential logic circuit design. Generators of logic signals. Application of logic devices.
Before: ELREB3001, ELREB4001, ELREB4002.
R. Kirvaitis 

Study Material: Text Book "Digital Circuits"

Rules of the Game

Plan of Lectures

Signals and Circuits 2 - 2,5 cr. (48L, 16Lab, 36S).
Methods of analysis of linear circuits with complex signals. The fundamentals of theory of nonlinear circuits. Nonlinear devices. Oscillators. Random signals and processes. Transmission of random signals through linear and nonlinear circuits. Discrete signals.
Before: ELREB3001, ELREB3002, ELAUB4001.
R. Martavičius, J. Skardžius

Digital Signal Processing - 4 cr. (48L, 32Lab, 80S).
Signals, systems and signal processing. Classification of signals. The concept of frequency in continuous-time and discrete time signals. Converters. Discrete time signals and systems and their analysis. The z-transform , its properties and application to analysis of signals and systems. Frequency analysis of analog and discrete-time signals. Properties of the Fourier transform for discrete time signals. Sampling of signals in the time and frequency domains. Analysis and description of discrete-time systems in the frequency domain. Linear time-invariant systems as frequency-selective filters. Linear filtering methods based on the discrete Fourier transform. Cepstrum analysis.
Before: ELREB4002, ELRE B5002.
R. Lipeika

Fundamentals of Electrodynamics - 3 cr. (48L, 16T, 56S).
Fundamentals of macroscopic electrodynamics. Propagation, reflection and interference of plane electromagnetic waves. Common theory of waveguides. Rectangular, circular, coaxial and optical waveguides.
Before: FMFIB1001, FMFIB2001, FMMMB1004, FMMMB2005, FMMMB3006, FMMMB4010.
Z. Vainoris

Integrated Circuits (IC) Design and Technology - 3,5 cr. (64L, 32Lab, 44S).
Classification of IC. Design of the thin film IC. Design and analysis of the bipolar IC. Design and analysis of the elements of MOS and C-MOS IC. Wiring. Processes of the IC technology: epitaxy, diffusion, ion implantation, microlitography. Design and technology of the GaAs devices.
Before: ELRE B3001, ELREB4001.
A. Marcinkevičius

Signals and Circuits - 1 cr. (40S).
Harmonic contents of the determinated oscillations. Spectrum and its width calculation. Computer aided analysis of frequency responses of linear circuits. Circuit analysis using frequency methods. Calculation of linear circuit transient responses. Investigation of the transmission lines.
Before: ELREB3001, ELREB4001, ELAUB4001, ELREB4002.
R. Martavičius

Integrated Circuits (IC) Design - 1 cr. (40S).
Design of the thin film IC. Design and analysis of the bipolar IC. Design and analysis of the elements of MOS and C-MOS IC. Design of the GaAs devices.
Before: ELRE B3001, ELREB4001, ELRA B5001.
A. Marcinkevičius

Microprocessors - 3,5 cr. (48L, 32Lab, 60S).
Basic knowledge about microprocessors (MP). Form of data presentation. Binary arithmetic. Generalized structure of universal MP. 8 - bit microprocessors' structure, command types, programming. 8086 family MP. MMX technology. RISC architecture MP. MP systems. Memory devices of MP systems. Input-output organization. Tendencies of MP development.
Before: ELREB5001, ELREB5002, ELREB5003.
A. Gražulevičius

Analog Circuits - 3,5 cr. (48L, 32Lab, 60S).
Fundamental concepts. Specific features of analog circuits. Classification of analog circuits. Amplifiers. Amplifiers with one input and one output. The feedback in amplifiers. Differential amplifiers. Operational amplifiers. Application of operational amplifiers. Analog circuits for digital and analog computers. Analog switches. Comparators. Digital-analog and analog-digital converters. Oscillators of analog signals. Application of analog devices.
Before: ELREB3001, ELREB4001, ELREB4002.
R. Kirvaitis Study Material

Microwave Technology - 4,5 cr. (64L, 16Lab, 32T, 68S).
Radiation of electromagnetic waves. Fundamentals of antennas and their constructions. Propagation of radio waves. Constructions of wavequides and microstrip line components.
Before: ELREB5004.
K. Maceika

Principles of Communication Theory - 2 cr. (32L, 16T, 32S).
Mathematical methods of information processes analysis. Communication channel's signals and their mathematical models. Quantity criteria of information. Problems of information transmission by physical channels. Noisy resistant information coding. Cyclic codes.
Before: FMMMB3006, FMMMB4010, ELREB4002, ELREB5002.
A. Montvilas

Digital and Analog Circuits - 1 cr. (40S).
Realizing the project students extend their knowledge in the synthesis and analysis of digital and analog circuits. Generalized and detailed analysis and investigation of the circuit – mathematical analysis, simulation with PC, or experimental testing – is carried out.
Before: ELREB5001, ELREB6001.
R. Kirvaitis

Microprocessors 1 - 1 cr. (40S).
Investigation and design of microprocessors (MP). Data presentation to MP. Programming of microprocessors. Input-output organization.
Before: ELREB5001, ELREB5002, ELREB5003, ELRAB6001.
A. Gražulevičius

Communications Engineering - 2,5 cr. (36L, 12Lab, 52S).
Signals and noises in communication systems. Transmitters: functions; structural circuits; characteristics. Transmitters functional diagrams and circuits. Types of transmitters. Principles of design of transmitters. Receivers: functions; structural circuits; characteristics. Receivers functional diagrams and circuits. Types of receivers. Design principles of receivers. Facsimile: facsimile machine; data compression; coding and decoding.
Before: ELREB5001, ELREB5002, ELREB5003, ELREB6001.
R. Pocius

Electronics Measurements - 3,5 cr. (48L, 24Lab, 68S).
Introduction to electronic instrumentation and measurement. Signal generators. Analog and digital voltmeters. Power measurements. Cathode-ray and special oscilloscopes. Waveform analyzing instruments. Spectrum analyzers. Measurement of frequency and time. Resistance, inductance and capacitance measurements. Introduction to instrumentation systems (IEEE-488, CAMAC and RS 232C Standards).
Before: ELAUB4001, ELREB4002, ELREB5002, ELRAB6001, ELRAB6002.
A. Seilius

Computers and Computers' Architecture - 2 cr. (36L, 12Lab, 32S).
Generalized computer structure. System blocks. Mother boards. The CISC architecture processors. The RISC architecture processors. Paralleling of processors. System buses. The memory hierarchy in a modern computing system. Semiconductor memory. Cache memory. Magnetic memory – floppy and hard disks. Computers networks. Computers videosystems. Operating systems.
Before: ELREB5001, ELRAB6001.
V. Urbanavičius

Computer Periphery and Computer Systems - 2 cr. (36L, 12Lab, 32S).
Data coding and processing. Data formats, input and output, transfer and storage. Standard and nonstandard data input/output devices. Controllers and interfaces. Keyboards, mice, trackboles, joysticks, light pens, digitisers, scanners, printers, plotters: classification, parameters, construction. Multimedia. Distance data transfer: devices, protocols. Computer systems and architecture. Multiprocessor systems. Real time and distributed systems. Computer networks.
Before: ELRAB6001.
J. Skardžius

Television - 2,5 kr. (36L, 24Lab, 40S).
The basics of TV physics. Forming, contents and frequency spectra of TV picture signal. TV systems and standards. The structure of TV centres. Structure, elements, characteristics and functions of TV receivers. Digital, satellite, special services, cable, higher quality and high definition, stereo TV.
Before:ELREB3001, ELREB4001, ELREB4002, ELREB5001, ELREB5002, ELREB5003, ELREB6001, ELREB6002, ELREB6003.
V. Mališauskas

Object-Oriented Programming - 2,5 cr. (24L, 24Lab, 52S).
Object-oriented programming paradigm. Object identity, encapsulation, information hiding, visibility, class, type, generalisation hierarchy and inheritance. Applications in engineering and in signal processing.
Before: FMIIB2006, FMIIB3011.
A. Čaplinskas

Computers and Computers' Architecture - 1.5 cr. (60S).
Investigation of mother boards and processors. Paralleling of processors. Investigation of input/output systems and computers' videosystems.
Before: ELREB5001, ELRAB6001, ELREB7003.
V. Urbanavičius

Fundamentals of Electronic Equipment (EE) Design and Manufacturing - 4,5 cr. (48L, 24Lab, 12T, 96S).
Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic equipment (EE). Short and long connection lines in EE. Grounding. Shielding by thin-walled metal cylinders. Other noise reduction methods. Heat fields in the EE. Design of the EE and organization of its manufacturing.
Before: ELRAB4001, ELRAB5001, ELRAB6002.
J. Skudutis

Fundamentals of Computer Aided Design of Electronic Equipment - 3 cr. (24L, 24Lab, 72S).
Introduction: conceptions, terms, definitions, history, application. Mathematical bases of the automated design: theory of sets, graphs, matrixes. System modelling: micro, macro and meta level models. Modelling with linear graphs. Circuit automated design: forming state equations, solving and analysis. Methods of digital circuits synthesis and analysis. Automated design of printed and integrated circuits: components groupping, placing and wiring in the plane space. Hardware and software for the electronic equipment automated design.
Before: ELRAB5001, ELRAB7001, ELRAB8001.
J. Skardžius

Fundamentals of Communication Systems - 3 kr. (48L, 12T, 60S).
The basics of communication systems. Signals forming in analogues communication systems. Receiving of signals im analogues communication systems. Signals forming in digital communication systems. Optimum reception of signals in digital communication systems. Principles of realization of communication systems. Principles of formation of communication network.
Before: ELREB4002, ELREB5002, ELREB5003, ELREB6001, ELREB6002, ELREB6003, ELREB7001, ELRE B7004.
R. Pocius

Audiovideotechnics - 3 kr. (48L, 12Lab, 60S).
Electroacustic and speaker systems. Amplifiers, equalizers. Audioeffect devices. Operating room of sound recording, mixturing pand. Analogue and digital audiorecorders. Audio compact disk players. Analogue and digital videorecorders. Camcorders. Video compact disk players. Videoprojectors. Watching room, videotheatre (home, professional).
Before: ELREB3001, ELREB4001, ELREB4002, ELREB5001, ELREB5002, ELREB5003, ELREB6001, ELREB6002, ELREB6003, ELREB7001, ELREB7004.
V. Mališauskas

DSP Tools - 3 cr. (48L, 12Lab, 60S).
In this course students are introduced to basics and development of modern digital signal processing tools, their constituent parts, architecture and programming. Latest digital signal processors, artificial neural networks and their application are examined.
Before: ELREB5003, ELREB7003.
Š. Paulikas, D. Navakauskas

Fundamentals of Communication Systems - 1 cr. (40S).
Formation and calculation of radio and communications receivers circuits. Formation and calculation of circuits for receivers or transmitters of radiocontrol systems. Formation of local network and selection of radiolines.
Before: ELREB4002, ELREB5002, ELREB5003, ELREB6001, ELREB6002, ELREB6003, ELREB7001, ELRE B7004, ELREB8001.
R. Pocius

DSP Tools - 1 cr. (40S).
The aim of the project is to become acquainted with and master in practice advanced DSP tools. To complete this task DSP tools and their parts are created and analysed. For the simulation of designed DSP tools software package MATLAB is employed.
Before: ELREB5003, ELREB7003, ELREB8003.
Š. Paulikas, D.Navakauskas

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