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Department of Computer Engineering
Head of department:

VGTU Faculty of Electronics, Naugarduko 41, LT-03227 Vilnius, Lietuva
(+370) 5 274 47 67,
(+370) 5 274 47 70,
prof. habil. dr. Julius Skudutis
Jolanta Saudargaitė

Sis puslapis lietuviu kalba

About department:

1964 Radio Engineering and Technology Department was found.
1966 This Department was devided into two: Radio Technology and Radioelectronics.
1969 Vilnius Branch of KPI was reorganized into Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute. Day-time Department`s groupes and part of departments lectureres were moved to KPI. In Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute left only one - Radio Engineering and Technology Department.
1991 Radio Engineering and Technology Department was devided into two - Radioelectronics and Radio Engineering Departments.

Department was found in 02/14/1991.

From 1991 05 27 to 1996 the Head of Department was Assoc. Prof. J.Skudutis, in 1996 the Head of Department was elected Prof. A.Marcinkevicius, in 2000 the Head of Department was re-elected Prof. J.Skudutis.


Departments teachers
Research areas:

     In its scientific work Department proceed Prof. Z.Vainoris`s scientific school started research of wave processes in wide-band electrodynamic systems and creating electrodynamic devices for new electronic units and radioelectronic devices. In Department physics quantities measurements automatization problems, executed integrated wide-band information convertors research of speed and precision problems, computerized systems implementation and mathematic modelling problems were resolved.
     During Departments activity time mathematic models and calculation methods of microelectronics information processing devices were created. Mathematic models PSPICE of surface acoustic wave devices were created. Computerized system for mechanisms dynamic`s analysis was created. Mathematic models of asymmetrical helical delay lines and their analysis methods were created.
Subjects and laboratories:
     Basic subjects of department:
     Fundamentals of Construction, Electric Radio Elements, Electrical Materials, Construction of Radioequipment, Manufacture of Radioequipment, Power Supply in Electronics, Electromagnetic Devices, Integrated Circuits (IC) Design and Technology, Microprocessors, Construction & Manufacture of Radioequipment, Fundamentals of Radioequipment Design, Analysis & Synthesis in Engineering, Microcircuits, Peripheral Devices of Computers, Special Radioequipment, Fundamentals of Design, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) IC Design, Computer Aided Design (CAD) for VLSI IC Design.
      Laboratories of department:
     CAD, Fundamentals of Manufacture of Radioequipment, Electrical Materials, Manufacture of Radioequipment and Test, Power Supply in Electronics, Microprocessors, Electromagnetic Devices, IC Design and Manufacturing, Theory of Fundamentals of Design.


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